” I Was Inspired By The Bible” Yesu Ninyandue Hitmaker Reveals The Meaning Of The Song.

Yesu Ninyandue Hitmaker Pastor William Getumbe Speaks Out.

Pastor William Getumbe from Kisii County received backlash online, after he dropped a track that has been termed as blasphemy by a good number of kenyans.

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The song is called ” Yesu Ninyandue” , Ninyandue is a slang in Kenya that is common to many and it refers to as getting intimate. Getumbe shamelessly decided to make it a song and came up with some weird lyrics.

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Speaking in an interview the pastor said that the song was inspired by the bible and it is a pure gospel. He said that it is from the book of look and he tried to understand on how Mary the mother of jesus conceived a baby.

Yesu Ninyandue Hitmaker Pastor William Getumbe Speaks Out.
Yesu Ninyandue Hitmaker Pastor William Getumbe Speaks Out.

Getumbe said that everyone knows very well for a person to get pregnant they must get intimate, so he imagines that there was an intimacy session between mary and the holy spirit . Getumbe said that just like the way it happened to mary, he also wants that to happen to him, hence he want to also conceive like Mary.

Getumbe said that it is something Kenyans are cursing yet it is the reality of life .” yesu ninyandue kama maria nipate mimba ya imani” Getumbe said that is the line from the song that tells the whole meaning.

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Getumbe said that he is aware that the meaning of Ninyandue is not moral, and the song is for over 18 years. He however said that he can’t regulate on who should listen. He is just grateful the song has gone viral and he will continue dropping more bangers, he will also release the official video of the song.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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