Sad Story of Leah Njoki : I Was Defiled by a bhang Smoker 10 times Each Taking a Break to Smoke .

Leah Njoki Narrates How She Was Defiled by a Stranger.

The story of Leah Njoki is very heartbreaking. The lady went through alot, she was defiled by a bhang Smoker 10 times. Each round he was taking a break to Smoke Marijuana.

Who is Leah Njoki

Leah Njoki who is a middle aged woman, she has come out openly to narrate, a very painful story on how she was painful assaulted. She defiled by a rapist who was a Marijuana Smoker.

What is leah Njoki’s Occupation

Leah is a school drop out who was forced to quit school after her father died. Hence due to lack of school fees she decided to go to Nairobi. She became a Househelp so that she can get money to support her other four siblings.

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Leah Njoki’s work as a Househelp.

A lady sent from heaven gave her a job. She even took her to the tailoring school, where she completed her course after 2 years. Things were going on well till one evening when hell broke loose.

Why Leah Njoki was chased by her Employer.

Leah Was taking a shower that evening, then her employers baby fell on the ground. The baby got injured, his head was somehow injured so when her boss got home he noticed that the baby had an injury.

The boss overreacted and immediately started beating Leah. she even didn’t allow her to speak and explain what happened. Poor Leah was chased away that night.

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How Leah Njoki met s stranger who defiled her.

She knew nobody in Nairobi. So she just decided to walk in the street hoping to get a good samaritan. Luckily she met a young man.

Leah narrated to her what happened and the man really felt sorry for her. The man offered to help her, Leah was very happy and agreed to go with him.

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How she was defiled by the stranger.

When they immediately arrived at the strangers home. The man locked the door and started tearing of Leahs clothes by force. He was holding a machete and threatened to kill her if she makes any noise. He started raping the helpless Leah.

Leah said that it was a very painful act. keeping in mind she was still a fresh virgin. She said she was bleeding but the man didn’t care. Each round took 30 minutes and the man used to take a break to smoke bhang.

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The stranger defiling her as he smoke Marijuana.

The night was like hell because the man had extraordinary energy. He went 10 strong times each round taking a break to Smoke Marijuana .

The next morning the man told her to wear clothes without even having taken a birth. He took her to the stage. He paid her fare to Juja which is her parents home and gave her ksh. 100.

Leah got home safely despite feeling some pain. She also got pregnant. Currently she is raising the child of that stranger  hoping to find justice one day.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube. Click Here

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