” Brian Chira Alinitoroka After Kunipea Mimba na Ukimwi” Lady Confesses.

The video of carol, a lady who went viral online for alleging that she was Brian Chira’s girlfriend has resurfaced online. The video was posted in 2023, August, and she really exposed everything about her alleged relationship with Brian Chira.

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Carol said at that time that she was 3 months pregnant for Brian Chira, and the tiktoker had dumped her, with that pregnancy.
During the interview, the young lady, who seemed to be very emotional, said that she dated Chira for sometime, this is after they met in a friends birthday.She said that he was famous then and one thing led to another ,hence leading to pregnancy.

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She said that also she was living in fear because she suspected that Chira had infected her HIV. The lady was very courageous while articulating her points and convincing people that indeed her and Chira were an item. This video gained views on Instagram, but Chira has never talked about it, because after that he made a social media break and made a comeback , then few weeks later he died in a tragic road accident.
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