“I Still Hate My Dad”Diana Bahati Gets Emotional While Exposing Her Abusive Dad, Mr Omach.

In the Bahati’s netflix show, Diana Marua decided to let the cat out of the bag, by revealing her past painful relationship with her father Mr Omach. Diana Marua said that when her father separated with her mum, things went left and they were just forced to stay with a single dad.

Diana Marua had to fill the gap left by her mother at a very younger age. At this time she was at class 8, taking care of her two young sisters, and it was one of the most difficult moments in her life because of how her dad used to abusive her physically.
Diana said that she used to be beaten by her dad on daily basis, he could literally beat her on all parts of her body, and everyday she will go to school with swollen eyes, back, legs and even mouth.
Her dad was very abusive and even when she was doing KCPE, she was in pain because Mr Omach used to beat her daily. This traumatic experience still pains her up-to-date and she is still bitter and angry at her dad.
Despite trying to forgive her, Diana said that she didn’t deserve to go through that, and it will take time for her to completely forgive Mr Omach. Her sister’s Val and Mitchelle also supported Diana and they too revealed that Mr Omach abused them physically, they were also beaten just like Diana Marua.
Currently the relationship between Diana Marua and Mr Omach is not that good, but they have been trying to reconcile through the efforts of Bahati, still things are not that good.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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