Dem wa Facebook Opens Up On Doing Plastic Surgery.

One of the fastest rising comedian and content creator, Dem wa Facebook, has caused stir online, after she decided to open up on doing Plastic Surgery.

Speaking in an interview at 2mbili Tv, Dem wa Facebook, said that ever since Obinna came into her life, things have been going right, and she is indeed growing and transforming her life.
In a span of few months her life has changed completely and she even owns an iPhone, and lives in a good furnished house, somewhere at Kayole.
She said that the more money comes, the more she will be transforming her life. She wants to be on the same level with famous ladies in the entertainment industry, that is the likes of Amberay.
Dem wa Facebook went on and said that she is considering to do a plastic surgery, and this will be majorly to increase her behinds, and also to look more attractive. She said that Kenyans must know that she is a well endowed woman. Meanwhile she is still hustling and with time Kenyans and her fans will see the changes.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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