” I Married My Younger Sister And I Don’t Regret” 21 Yrs JKUAT Student Reveals.

The story of Kayla and Briana left many people shocked, because this is the first incident of a brother proudly dating his sister with intention of starting a family together.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Kayla and Briana said that they met in a bash, and their vibe clicked and they bonded. They are both in Jkuat university, where Kayla is doing entrepreneurship and Brianna is doing communication.

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They have been dating for 2 years, and they realised they are siblings in December 2023, when Brianna showed Kayla the photo of her dad only Kayla to find out that he is his dad.

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They came to realise that they have the same father. However for Kayla the Dad is a deadbeat because he left them when he was very young, up-to-date. However for Briana the Dad is a caring father and he has been providing for them.
The two feel ashamed but they love each other, they have been there for each other and they aren’t ready to separate. Kayla says that he is ready to marry Brianna. Brianna says that she is ready to get pregnant for her brother and start a family.

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The two said that their parents know about their relationship, apart from Brianna’s mom, however Kayla’s mum support their relationship and has encouraged them to continue dating. They feel that they are soulmates and they are ready to be together forever, no one or anything can separate them.

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