I have been having twa twa with my Pastor, He Got Me Pregnant na Anaruka Mimba.

A lady Confesses that she has been sleeping with her Pastor

I have been Sleeping with my Pastor, He Got Me Pregnant na Anaruka Mimba.

The cases of women sleeping with Pastors or the men of God have been on the rise in Kenya. This are among the things that have made majority of Kenyans to view a church in a different way, Immorality in church is something that must be addressed with immediate effect.

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A Kenyan lady who didn’t want her name and face to be known to the public, came out openly to confess that she has been sleeping with her Pastor. Speaking in an interview with Reyo Tv, the lady said that she is pregnant for the man of God.

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She said that her pastor fell in love with her because of how she used to behave in church. She had good manners, used to serve guests with respect, to an extend that she became Pastor’s favourite.

The man of God started going with her on missions in different counties. He confessed to her that he loves her and he would like them to  be in a relationship. The lady accepted and the two started getting intimate frequently whenever they were on God’s Missions.

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After a while the young lady realised that she was pregnant. She informed the pastor, and the man of God told her to abort the pregnancy because it might ruin the respect people and his followers have on him.

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The young girl has tried to abort two times but it has failed. She is now in a dilemma because the Pastor has already told her that he won’t take the responsibility. She is regretting her mistakes and view it as a punishment from God for sleeping with his servant.

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