Erick Omondi:  Pesa Niko Nazo Zinaweza Lisha Khaligraph na Familia Yake For 5 Years.

Eric Omondi destroys Khaligraph Jones.

The beef between Khaligraph Jones and Eric Omondi is getting hotter and more personal. The two celebrities have been online enemies for some years now. They rarely see each other eye to eye because of the verbal beef they have on social media.

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In a viral video, Khaligraph Jones is on record saying that he is very richer than Eric Omondi. Khaligraph said that Eric became a superstar before him , but currently he is above him when it comes to richness, houses and wearing expensive clothes.

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Eric didn’t take the insults so lightly and he decided to fireback at Khaligraph Jones. Through an interview with Vincent Mboya, Eric said he is richer than Papa Jones.

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He said that the money that he has in the bank now, can feed Khaligraph and  his nuclear and extended family , for 5 years without him working. He said that he can’t compare himself to OG because he has really accumulated alot of wealth and his bank account is full loaded.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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