” Huniwezi Mkono, Mimi Si Dj Evolve” Salasya Warns Babu Owino.

Peter Salasya vs Babu Owino

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya is emerging to be one of the most controversial member of parliament in Kenya. Salasya has been on the trends several times, and a video of him warning Babu Owino has gone viral online.

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This comes after the Mp was given a bail of ksh.50,000 after he slapped a member of county assembly in a certain funeral at his constituency in Mumias.

In the video , angry Salasya is spotted being very fearless as he hits out at Babu Owino. He told Babu that he is not Dj Evolve, hence when it comes to fighting he is a beast and he will show him dust.

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Salasya said that he is a national leader just as Babu Owino and Babu cannot downgrade him or tell him anything foolish. He said that if it is war, he is ready for it, and he has alot of Luhya youths behind him, hence he fear nothing.

" Huniwezi Mkono, Mimi Si Dj Evolve" Salasya Warns Babu Owino.
” Huniwezi Mkono, Mimi Si Dj Evolve” Salasya Warns Babu Owino.

The MP said that no one can threaten him, he is ready for anything. Salasya at the beginning seemed to be a humble member of parliament, but as time goes on, he continues to show his true colours. He has ever fought Kakamega Governor Fernandes Barasa.

Here is the link to the full video on Tiktok.

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