How Nigerian Artist Ruger Made 3.6 Million in 38 Minutes While in Meru.

The amount of money Ruger was paid for performing in 38 Minutes at Meru.

It has been revealed that Nigerian Artist Ruger Made ksh.3.6 Million in 38 Minutes While in meru. Ruger was in Kenya for about 3 days where he had been booked for the event at Meru.

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The show was funded by tycoons and cooperatives , that made sure that the famous Nigerian singer landed into the country. Remember in his package , they funded for his transport , accommodation and also paid his crew.

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Ruger has only one hitsong that most people know and it is called girlfriend. So during the show day on 8th October, which was held at Kinoru stadium . About 10, 000 Kenyans turned up for the event.

He received a very warm welcome and people were all over chanting his name.
Ruger was the prime artist of the night. Femione, Nviiri , Biensol and Bensoul curtain raised for him . As usual he came on the stage with energy but the artist only perfomed for 38 Minutes only.

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The main reason he performed for less than one hour because in his catalogue , the only song that most Kenyans were aware of is girlfriend.

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Reliable sources have revealed that for that short performance, the Nigerian Artist pocketed ksh. 3.6 milllion . On the other hand the local Kenyan artist pocketed less than ksh.1 Million.

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