How Musician Bahati Almost Died While Shooting A Song With Akothee

How Bahati Escape Death Narrowly

One of Bahati’s technical production team Messesi has revealed how Bahati almost died , while he was shooting his collaboration with Akothee ‘ Nakupa Moyo ‘ at the coastal region.

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Speaking in an interview with The Commentator, Messesi said that Bahati is one of the Kenyan artists who goes through alot to deliver quality music to Kenyans.

He is hardworking and also involves his team in anything he does, that is why all his songs always trend on YouTube.

Messesi revealed the day that the singer almost lost his life . The incident happened some years ago, when he was going to shoot some scenes of his video with Akothee at Vipingo.

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As they were going, Bahati didn’t use the van, he opted to use a private car. By bad luck on their way they got involved in an accident.

It was a minor accident, where the car driver crashed a Bodaboda rider who was at the wrong lane.

As it usually happen in Kenya, other Bodaboda riders and an angry crowd, surrounded the car and they were ready to destroy it.They had just made their own conclusion claiming that the driver was the one who was on the wrong.

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Bahati was at the passenger seat and he was hiding his face so that the mob cannot notice him, because if they could have seen him, then it could have been a worse scenario.

So the angry mob had already started destroying the car , some were ready to broke the Windows. They didn’t care who was inside.

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Weezdom who was the then manager of Bahati and few police officers who arrived minutes later, were the ones who rescued Bahati and the driver from an angry mob.

Messesi said that it is just through God’s grace that the singer is still alive, because the mob usually does unsual things and it is easy for Them to take away someone’s life.

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Messesi revealed that he has alot of stories concerning the hardships Bahati goes through while shooting his videos.

He said that he will soon open up to the public and even show them videos of how the behind the scenes session is usually challenging .

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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