” Niko na Evidence, Eric Omondi ni Gay ” A Famous Business Man Alleges.

A famous business man claims that Eric Omondi is gay.

A Famous business man and content creator, Kasipul, who was also among the presidential aspirants , has finally come out to let the cat out of the bag , by claiming that the famous comedian Eric Omondi is a gay.

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Kasipul who has been at the forefront of fighting the LGBTQ Community, and urging the government to declare it illegal, has claimed that Eric is among the celebrities who are being used by the LGBTQ to push their agendas.

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He said that he has all the evidences that can prove to Kenyans that Eric Omondi is not straight. Kasipul said the ones that are in public domain is about Eric’s dressing code.

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Eric always wears women attires, put on makeup, wigs and even hills, and claims that it is fashion. Kasipul said all that is bullshit, he is promoting LGBTQ by wearing such attires, he said a man must behave like a man and not a woman.

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The business man also said that the other reason why he is sure that Eric Omondi is straight , is that he is 46 years, he is not married and he has no any child. Kasipul said that is not normal, this are behaviours of gay people.

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Kasipul said that if Eric Omondi continues to attack the men of God, he will come to expose him badly and even prove to Kenyans the evil behaviours of Eric. He urged Eric to keep of the gospel artist and focus on his morals.

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