How  I Was Saved From Drug Addiction

The current world we live in is full of influences that are either positive or negative; it’s upon you as an individual to know what is good for you and keeps yourself or avoid influences that you think might ruin your future.

The current media, is the largest influencer for the things most people do engage in right now, especially the youths who are the largest users of media have been drastically affected according to reports, Most of them prefer spending much of their time on social media looking up to a celebrity they copy everything he does. In my case I got influenced to start using marijuana when I looked on stuff on the internet about Rastafarian and its believes I was meant to believe that Bhang was of good and it was a herb, little did I know that it was such a dangerous drug  when used excessively. While in high school I started using marijuana little by little with the company of my peers who some of their parents were peddlers, so them getting the drug and carrying it to school was easy and due to peer pressure I got myself using it, and none of my parents knew about it, so I continued using it day in day out till I was an addict.

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When I competed high school a got a chance to join University of Nairobi, where every freedom was easily achieved, I could do anything I wished to do and nobody would question me, Bhang became a daily routine, I was  22 years of age then when I fully discovered the seeming magic of Marijuana it made me feel relaxed, soothed  my insecurities  and made it easier for me to do whatever I wanted to with ease, I made a few friends from collage who too also used to take the drug, so three of us became a smoking gang, we could just abscond classes just to smoke, and lost my concern on education nor my family, if I can remember well, during campus holidays I never bothered to go to my family, but just stay with friends in the outskirts of Nairobi city, My family became concerned of my whereabouts,  my parents kept on calling me but I never bothered to pick their calls, when a new semester resumed, un expected happened, we were caught in the university hostel smoking, which was against the university rules and regulations, my  parents were called to pick me up because I had gone insane at that particular moment, I was behaving weirdly that they feared I could not transport myself back to my parents, I later came to learn that I was suspended from school too. My parents could not believe what they see me behave like that I saw tears roll on my Mums cheeks.

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I was taken for rehabilitation at East Leigh rehab, to try and reverse my situation that was in its worse stages I had totally gotten mad, after three months the facility recommended that they saw no change in me and that  they had me transferred to a larger rehabilitation center on fear that they were unable to reverse my situation, its then that I was transferred, while at the rehab doctors too became tired and discharged to heal from home, I totally run mad that I could walk naked around my neighborhood, it’s when one the neighbors got concerned of my situation and that he talked to my mum about kiwanga doctors herbalist, it was a last hope for my family that I was taken thereafter, I met the doctor that gave me herbal medicine and in just three days, I was feeling better and back to my sound mind again, thanks to kiwanga doctors. They also cast real and genuine spells in the world like Money spell, Success spell among other spells they also heal infections like Leukemia, broken bones, and high blood pressure.
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