“Mimi Siwezani na Biashara, Nategemea Wababa” Amberay Says

"Mimi Siwezani na Biashara, Nategemea Wababa" Amberay Says.


(courtesy, Amberay Instagram).

One of the most famous and controversial Kenyan female socialite Amberay has caused stir online again. This is after she savagely responded to a fan who was advising her to start a business, like all other socialites.
Amberay loosed her temper and she savagely responded to the fan, and in her response she seemed to be a don’t care person. The fan told Amberay that, she has a very good number of loyal followers, and her followers can help her to grow her business. The fan went ahead and even gave her a suggestion like to start a makeup brand like other socialites or any brand linked to beauty.
Amberay felt that she was being insulted by the fan, so she just rudely responded to the fan, by telling him that, not everyone is good in business because for her, her food and everything usually come from men.
(Here is the screenshot of a fan vs Amberay)

(courtesy of Amberay Instagram).

Amberay usually does some marketing stuffs, but most of her times she is usually slaying and partying. Amberay can party from Monday to Sunday, no one knows her business, what is on the public domain is that she is living a very lavish life in one of the coolest mansions in Kilimani area. She is also driving a Jeep Wrangler and her life on social media seems to be very perfect.
Some of the socialites like Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika, Mitchelle Ntalami and Risper Faith have their own beauty brands, and they are indeed selling, even Huddah and Mitchelle have started shipping their products globally.

Amberay is however living a very lavish life and it seems that he is very comfortable with her current lifestyle. She is always partying and for real you can’t tell what she does for living. Though she posts several adverts on her page.

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