“Hiyo Harusi ya Akothee ni Fake”Krg The Don .

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, Krg the Don finally broke silence about Akothee’s wedding. The singer who wasn’t among the list of the invited guest, decided to call out Akothee for doing a wedding without informing him.

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Speaking via a viral video, Krg The Don said that he is the owner of Nairobi and there is no person who can do such a big event without informing him. Krg The Don went on and claimed that  Akothee’s wedding is fake, and she must repeat that wedding, or else  he will destroy their marriage certificates.

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“Iko Msichana mjaluo amefanya harusi hii town, mimi ndio mwenye town, na hio harusi ya Akothee ni fake, lazima angenijulisha juu mimi ndio mwenye town. Akothee lazima arudie hio harusi ama niharibu makaratasi yao, mimi ndio mwenye hii town” krg the Don said.

Almost all the famous celebrities in Kenya attended the wedding, but Krg the Don didn’t attend. Romours have it that Krg wasn’t  invited , so he wasn’t aware what was happening and he just knew that Akothee was doing a wedding via viral videos online.

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The singer has now requested Akothee to repeat the wedding or else he will destroy their marriage certificates. Krg is very wealthy and missing such an event was also somehow like a blow to him, because such events also helps in marketing celebrities and giving them a platform to show off.

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