Here is the Handsome White Man that Sautisol Chimano is Allegedly Dating

Chimano and His Boyfriend.


One of the best artists in Sautisol group and the self confessed gay and member of the Lgbtq society, Chimano has been on the spot several times after he was spotted hanging out with a mysterious white man, not once but several times.

Chimano publicly admitted that is a happy member of the Lgbtq society. However he has never introduced to the public his lover, but through his Instagram post, there is s white man that has been very close to him and even during the Mombasa vacation of Sautisol that was in January 2022, a video of Chimano and the guy caused stir online.

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According  to the sources and romours that have been spreading online, the white man is alleged to be Chimano’s boyfriend and he is the one keeping Chimano warm in the bed. So everytime Sautisol members hang out with their wives, Chimano usually pull up with his boyfriend.

Here are some of the photos of the mysterious man hanging out with Chimano.

(courtesy of Chimano Instagram).

All the other members of Sautisol are always cool with him, and Infact Biensol and his wife Chiki have been at the forefront of advocating for the rights of the Lgbtq society whenever they feel that the government is oppressing the minority group.

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It is the new normal in Kenya and most men and ladies are joining the society, especially Nairobi and Mombasa. The society has a big organisation known as the bold group network led by Makena Njeri. They are pushing the government to make Lgbtq legal just like United States of America.

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