Here Is The Amount Of Millions Francis OGolla’s Family Will Be Given By Government as Compensation.

General Francis OGolla was among the 9 people who died in a military chopper accident. The accident claimed the life of the CDF, and this is a big blow not only to the family and millitary but the entire nation.

He is the fast General to die while in power, it is not clear what happened, and why the chopper crashed and bursted in flames. The president of Kenya William Ruto announced that there is an investigation going on to determine reason behind the accident.

The salary of a Chief of Defence Forces in the Kenyan Army is between Ksh894,897 to 1 million monthly.

1. If an officer dies the following compensation will go to the next of kin. Ogolla was not only an officer but he was the General so his compensation is high compared to the normal officers, in addition he died in the line of duty, here are just the approximations.

5 times of his basic salary
E.g for the case of Ogolla lets say his basic salary was ksh.1 million

1 Million x 5 x 12 =  Ksh.60 Million

2. Last expense 200,000 or might even exceed because he was the general, this are just approximations.

3. His spouse and children the insurance only caters for their last expense at 100,000/= but since he was the general it might exceed.

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In other case/ Just an additional information
If an officer is injured while on duty he is paid 8 times of his basic salary e.g
50,000 x 8 x 12 = 4,800,000

Be informed that if you are sick and a doc gives you sick off the insurance will pay you for the days you were home on official off duty.
If your basic salary is 50k they will calculate and pay you for the days you were home i.e
50,000 ÷ 30days = 1,666

Take 1,666 × 14 the days you were on off duty = 23,324/=

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