27 Years Old Ras Bingi : I Want a Tall Girlfriend, I’m Good in Bed.

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan reggae fanatic, Ras Bingi finally decided to open up on his dating life and the type of a woman he can wish to have in his life .

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Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Ras Bingi said that it has been difficult for him to get a real woman because of his height. He said that most people usually judge looking at his height, but deep down he is the one who knows what he is capable of doing.

He said that height is not an issue, he is a normal human being and has all body parts, the only difference is height. He said he was once in love with a certain university lady, and they had planned to get married, but unfortunately it ended in premium tears .

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Bingi said that he is now searching for a tall beautiful lady, and he is serious and ready to settle with the woman so that they can start a family. He has pure intention and he hope God will reward him a woman with pure intentions.
He revealed that both of his parents are tall and he doesn’t understand well why he is short. But he said that God is the one who knows why it happened and he can’t blame anyone for his height.

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