Healing Stroke: My Grandmother’s 5-Year Journey to Recovery.

Stroke Paralysed My Grandmother , She Could Not Do Anything For 5 Years.

She was really a jovial person before stroke came her way. Each moment she went to the market she would not forget to carry something for her little grandchildren whom we really liked her any time. She never tolerated nonsense as she even disciplined us to behave the right way despite her being 67 years of age. One early Sunday morning we were waked up by her noises and when we came to her rescue she was lying by the compound and really rubbing her head and obviously one would predict she had an injury on her head. As she was a traditionalist she refused to be hospitalized but it came as an order so she was taken to hospital.

The next day news reached that she was not talking plus her body seemed paralyzed. When we went to the hospital to clarify the news, truly she had stroke. Her left arm could not move, her left leg the same her left eye could see a shorter distance at a time. It was really a problem and a blow to our family given that each one of us really loved her. She even peed by the hospital bed and since she had lost even her capability to speak. She insisted her time had come and it was now the right time for her to be discharged from hospital for she wanted to die slowly at home. Actually she did not enjoy life at the hospital bed as this was clearly shown by her behavior in hospital.

Few weeks later she was discharged from the medical facility. At home various people arrived to comment about her health. Some claimed it was witchcraft for they did not understand how such a friendly person would have such a terrifying disease given that she was not that old. Nursing her life at home was more difficult as the diet she required was expensive and money was scarce in our family given that it was a humble background. Each time we held fundraising, neighbors seldom turned out as some even said my grandmother had turned old and death was her only option waiting. Some claimed that we only wanted to scam them money. Others said that we were to carry our own burden at any given time. We were really losing hope in finding a solution to heal her stroke. What really amused us is that she never wanted to be in hospital as she had faith she was going to heal with time but things were going bad at home as time went by.
We thought things were going the right way and she was going to heal but time went by seeing no any chance of her recovering from stroke. She lived with stroke for five years. Her body shape had really changed. Each time she smiled one would even think she was whistling. She was just a walking skull. To me I had too lost hope for I was only counting days before we rest her in eternal peace. We tried various religious leaders but all was in vain for they just came to pray and collect usual offering as they are used to. No one had a good idea on saving our grandmothers life. At times we would her sounds of her peeing by her wrapped clothes and have Goosebumps. We even started budgeting funeral expenses to her while still she was not dead. She was not showing a sign of hope hence we were planning a life without her despite us loving her.

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One day as I was watching a popular Tv station I came across testimonials of people with dreadful diseases such as epilepsy who had been healed by Kiwanga doctors. I contacted them and the next morning we booked a personal vehicle to their place in Nakuru. It was really a tedious journey but the good thing was that we had hope. She was taken care of. We were shocked the next morning when we returned from Kiwanga doctors she was talking fluently and with command. She was walking swiftly too. At times she would even dance and tell the unmarried daughters that she wanted to see grandchildren as fast as possible as she had bounced back. Kiwanga doctor’s magic had really worked. I really thank them.
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