From Fame to Farm: Shocking Downfall Of Former Citizen Tv Journalist, Kimani Mbugua.

Life has two sides, and most people go through all the faces, and the end goal of the life is to die  successfully. There is the struggling period and the period to enjoy the fruits of the seeds you , though to some people it is the other way round. Kimani Mbugua a former celebrated media personality, literally went from grace to grass.

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Kimani who is a graduate of school of journalism at Moi University, where his parents wanted him to study medicine, as at 2024 is on his knees  and struggling to find light to propel him back to fame and good life he was used to.
He started his journalism career at NTV  and in 2014 / 15 , he used to be a cohost of Larry Madowo. He was one of the entertainment journalists who were very popular. Citizen Tv poached him and he became an entertainment journalist at Royal Media Group.

His fame gained, his segment was very popular and he was literally following the footprints of the likes of Larry Madowo, Victoria Rubadiri and many other successful journalists who are working for international media stations.

In 2017 he collapsed at work, and this was the beginning of his failing journey. He was taken to hospital and it was revealed he was battling with mental illness. Things went left because he had to resign from job, and he turned into a bang smoker.
Kimani continued to ruin his life by abusing drugs, and in 2020, he stripped himself naked at Ngara area, and that is how he ended up at Mathare mental hospital. Things kept on getting tougher and he was broke struggling to pay bills , nothing was working out.

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In 2023, he decided to let the cat out of the bag, and revealed that he was broke and battling with bipolar and other mental illness.

Nyako and tiktokers came through for him, raised about ksh.500,000 to help him. They moved him to a new house and helped him to start his own podcast . He was doing well till April 2024 when he was again affected with mental health.
He started sharing crazy things on his social media platforms, to an extent he said he was worshiping the devil, and that is how all is accounts disappeared. He is out of the limelight and romours has it that he is still battling with mental health issues and he is completely broke.

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