“He Wanted Anal twa twa” Akorino Gospel Artist Susan Namu Opens Up Why She broke up with her Ex.

Susan Namu Leaked Nudes.

“He Wanted An*l Sex” Akorino Gospel Artist Susan Namu Opens Up Why She broke up with her Ex.

Susan Namu is one of the most celebrated Akorino Gospel Artist, however she has been silent for quite some time, and the main reason she has been silent is because after breaking up with her ex boyfriend, her ex decided to leak her nudes online and this is what has been eating her up.

Her nudes are still online and even people are using them to make memes, in Akorino culture this is disrespect and also being a gospel artist this was a very big shame and embarrassment that even made her to be depressed at some point.

Susan Namu just like all other ladies she was in love and a relationship with someone she used to love. The two lover birds were enjoying life till when things started going left. According to Susan Namu, her boyfriend started some unsual behaviours. He started demanding for anal sex, and this was impossible for Susan Namu because she is very much straight.

So Susan decided to break up with the man because the relationship was becoming more toxic and it wasn’t good for her health. After breaking up with the man, he decided to leak nude photos of Susan Namu.
Susan was emotional while narrating how his evil boyfriend decided to ruin her dreams by posting her nude photos on social media. The photos went viral and this made her loose dignity and respect because everyone has seen her private parts.
It still hurts her because the photos are still online and sometimes people use them to shame her. Susan has been struggling and she is still on the way of letting it go and starting a new life. We hope all shall be well for Susan because this is indeed painful, especially for the woman of God.
Here is the link to the full video on Instagram. (courtesy of Plugtv).

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