“He Needs Help, He is Depressed ” Manzi Wa Trm Exposes Her Ex Weezdom

Weezdom vs Manzi Wa Trm.

Manzi Wa Trm Well known as Caro Leehavi has come out openly to expose Weezdom and reveal the reason why they broke up and also how she started seeing red flags earlier.
The two lover birds had only dated for one month, this is after Weezdom had a very nasty break up with with Mylee Stacy. Leehavi said that Weezdom is suffering and there is something that is deeply eating him. She revealed that Weezdom is battling with depression and she really helped her not commit suicide or give up in life.
She tried to make Weezdom happy and make sure he is having peace of mind, but Weezdom was very rude, commanding and also had a lot of pride.
Manzi Wa Trm said that they had a small misunderstanding, and Weezdom packed some of his clothes and said that he is going to his best friend house. After a while she was shocked to see a video of Weezdom and Mylee Stacy trending online. Manzi Wa Trm said that this was a red flag and she decided to dump Weezdom.

Caro Leehavi has said that she will never get back to Weezdom and she thank God that she saved his life, and her wish is for Weezdom to heal and be more mature. Caro said that she is hurt but she won’t give up with love.

Weezdom might be considering to get back with his ex girlfriend Mylee Stacy.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.(courtesy of Plugtv).

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