Huyu Atakuletea Ugonjwa! Is Gurdian Angel Cheating With Politician Daughter On Wife!.

Esther Musila Narration

Recently Esther Musila went viral online, after she revealed how a certain person reached out at her claiming to have evidence of her husband Gurdian Angel cheating on her with a famous politician daughter.

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Esther Musila shared the whole story On her official tiktok page. Esther said that the person reached out at her after borrowing her number from Gurdian Angel. The person told her that Gurdian Angel will bring sickness in their home so she should leave him.

Read more:Huyu Atakuletea Ugonjwa! Is Gurdian Angel Cheating With Politician Daughter On Wife!.

The person went on and claimed that they have CCTV footages on how Gurdian Angel has been allegedly cheating on his wife. The person edited an mpesa message and said that it was a transaction done by Gurdian. Like that person was aware of Guardian Angel, to appoint someone could think it was true.
Esther Musila said she was calm and told the person not to worry, she has no time to follow up on men, she is 53 years, and she will do her own investigation. She was aware that the person was a scammer.

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So she went on to do her on investigation, and because her and Guardian share their phones. She checked the Mpesa transactions. There was no such a transaction .

The other thing that was a total redflag that the person was telling lies, was the person demanding for payments so that they can release the videos, and also having disappearing messages on WhatsApp. The person was just a scammer who wanted to destroy their marriage. Esther and Gurdian Angel are happily married, no one is cheating . They are a happy couple.

Click the link below to watch full video on Youtube.

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