” I’m Sorry, I Was Paid Ksh.200 To Say Lies Against Pastor Ezekiel” Fake Witness Reveals.

A Fake Witness Paid to Say Lies Against Pastor Ezekiel.

It has now emerged that there is a number of YouTubers in Kenya, who are paying young people, to act as fake witnesses , whenever a certain topic or issue trends in the country. A 19 year old boy has come out openly to reveal how he was convinced by a youtuber to say fake lies against Pastor Ezekiel.

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Speaking in an interview with Truthwatchdog, the young boy said that, a YouTuber identified as Bob Shakwila, has convinced him two times to say lies against the trending and crucial issues in the nation.

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The boy said that  the fact story was of him pretending to Be Dj Brownskin’s watchman, the whole thing was scripted and he just said lies, because he has never met Dj Brownskin and he has never been a watchman. Bob Shakwila promised to pay him ksh.10,000 , but he didn’t pay him.

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The second story done by the same YouTuber , Bob Shakwila, the young man said that he convinced him to act as a fake witness against Pastor Mackenzie and Ezekiel.
He therefore lied that he is s former follower of Pastor Mackenzie, and he was rescued from Shakahola. In the video the boy also claimed that he saw Pastor Ezekiel at Mackenzie’s place, and they used to force him to drink blood. He said all those are lies, and it was a scripted story, he has never met the two controversial preachers.

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The young man said that Bob Shakwila promised to pay him ksh.5000 , but he didn’t pay him. Out of all the two fake stories he has done and acted as fake witness, the only money that he has ever received from Bob Shakwila is ksh.200 only.

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The boy asked for forgiveness, and said that he wasn’t aware that those were serious issues. He thought that it was just acting. He vowed not to repeat doing the same thing, and claimed that Bob Shakwila used him for his personal gains which was to gain thousands of views on YouTube.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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