Exposed: How Nairobi Ladies are  Being Paid Millions of Money By Nigerians For Rosecoco Services.

How Nigerian men are paying Nairobi Ladies Millions of money for conjugal rights.

Nigerian men have completely taken over the Nairobi ladies, especially prostitutes.They are paying them huge amounts of money, for sexual favours.

What is currently happening in Kenya is something that the same Nigerian men did in Dubai some years ago . This made UAE to revoke the passports of some of them.

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Roysambu, Mirema, Kilimani and South C are among the estates in Nairobi that are being dominated by Nigerians. The men are known to be rich and several times quite a good number of them have been linked to illegal activities. Such as drug trafficking which helps them in making millions of money.

They lure young beautiful Nairobi ladies with money, and use them the way they want to quench their thirst. Their have been allegations that some of the Nigerian men drug women and  womanize them.

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Despite all the bad things that have been said about this men, Nairobi high end prostitutes can’t get enough of them. They are enjoying the business because Nigerians spoil them with cash and expensive liquors.

One of the high end prostitute, who is residing in one of the posh apartment in Kilimani, identified as ‘Mary’ not her real name, revealed to as that she has been able to  make over ksh. 20 Million for just selling her goodies to Nigerian men in a span of 2 years.

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Mary said that the business changed her life completely and she has been able to educate her siblings, build a mansion for her mother in the village, some rentals and currently she drives her own Mercedes Benz E Class.

She said that the highest amount of money she has ever been paid by a Nigerian man for 1 night is ksh.250,000. Mary said that she decided to become a high end prostitute because she had graduated with a diploma and her attempts to get jobs failed several times.

Mary is just an example of Nairobi ladies who are millionaires because of selling their bodies to rich Nigerians. This is something that we can’t encourage ladies to do, but if someone feels so she can do it. Wise ladies benefit from it while unwise ladies suffer alot.

We don’t advocate for prostitution, this is just an expose that has been done by our team , after carrying out valid  research and interviews.

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