Exposed: Chira’s Shosh Wanted To Be Paid Ksh.200,000 By Bonfire For Wearing Their T-shirt.

The controversial story of Chira’s family still on the trends, and alot of things have been emerging. The whole blame had been put on Baba Talisha. He was forced to come out and read the accountability accompanied with evidence on how they spent the money.

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However the other shocking allegations that have emerged, it has been revealed that Chira’s Shosh wanted to be paid by Bonfire adventures for wearing their brands, that was their T-shirts and jackets.

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According to the viral video, it has been alleged that the grandma wanted to be paid ksh.200,000 for wearing their brands. Yet the trip was fully paid by the company and it was like a gift to Shosh and the cousins of Chira.

Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Baba T talked about the issue and said that the Bonfire trip wasn’t about marketing, as a company they just gave them a vacation to go and relax in Mombasa and have some cool time. It was just like a free gift to them. He said that Bonfire never pay people for such trips, he was shocked to hear Shosh saying that she wasn’t paid after the trip, yet she was very thankful when they were at the airport.


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