Kenyans Bash Hannah Bentah Farting Live On Tiktok .

Famous and controversial kenyan tiktoker, Hannah Bentah caused stir online again. This is after she went live on Tiktok as usual, but this time round she did something unusual that left most kenyans in her comments section in laughter.

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The tiktoker who went viral online after declaring her love for Baba Talisha, and also being so close to him, seemingly like simping to Baba T,  was eating some snacks while engaging with her fans on a live session.

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However she mistakenly farted, and tried to assume that she hadn’t done that. But the sound was too loud, people who were watching her live noticed and decided  and decided to bash her.

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She was shocked that people noticed it, and tried to defend herself by saying that she was pulling a chair. However the sound was loud and it was clear that she had fart. It is healthy to fart, but during live sessions it looks weird.

Here is the link to the tiktok video.

Here are some of the comments from netizens.
@GABU:amenyamba mbwi..na akalenga😂😂
@GIRL CHILD: yani wale recorders huwanga wananusa how did they know he will nyamba ndio wana record.
@kayla254:people can deny…..Hannah is denying na tumeskia😂😂

@@gryc kiarie:aliona. mwiti anababwa na mnyamboo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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