Esther Wanjiru: I Married My Cute Uncle and Got 3 Children Together

Esther Wanjiru Narrates how she got married to her uncle.

The story of How Esther Wanjiru Got Married to Her Uncle for 8 years  has gone viral online. It is unbelievable because the two had a family and they only realised this after , her mother visited them and informed them that they are related by blood.

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Wanjiru was born in Kinangop and her family moved to Nairobi when she was in Grade 4. This is after her father died, and the inlaws chased her mother away.

How Esther Wanjiru Got Married to Her Uncle
How Esther Wanjiru Got Married to Her Uncle / Narrating how it happened (Courtesy).

Due to difficulties of life, she dropped out of the school, and found a hotel job in Naivasha. Here she met a man . The man was her perfect match so they movet in and started staying as a wife and husband. They were blessed with 3kids and they never visited Esther Wanjiru’s home all that time.

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So when Esther Gave Birth to her 3rd born, her mother decided to go and visit them. On reaching there she was shocked to find out that Esther was married to his uncle without knowing. Her mother and the mother-in-law were relatives.

They informed them that her mother-in-law is her grandmother and hence  her husband is her uncle. This was a very shocking news and since it is a taboo in many communities in Kenya, they were advised to divorce.So they parted ways and Esther moved with her 3kids to Nairobi to start a new life.

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she said that since that day she has never seen each other or communicated. She has urged people to avoid get married without engaging their parents.

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