Eric Omondi’s KCSE Results: Why I Got E in Maths and A in CRE. .

Eric Omondi's KCSE Results and why he scored an E in Maths and A in CRE.

Eric Omondi opened up on his KCSE Results. Eric Omondi’s KCSE Results are somehow surprising because he failed terribly in Mathematics.

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Highschool Eric Omondi Attended.

Speaking in an interview with Obinna. Eric Omondi said that he had the privilege to go to the great Kisumu Boys high school. Eric said that in high school, Mathematics was his biggest challenge and he didn’t understand all the mathematics concepts. According to Eric the subject was complex and totally a turn off for him.

Eric Omondi's KCSE Results.
Eric Omondi Revealing his KCSE Results on Obinna show /Photo Courtesy.

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Eric Omondi’s KCSE Results and why he failed Mathematics.

Eric Omondi said that. In form four he only learned mathematics conceptstwo months to KCSE. This made him fail terribly. Eric Omondi’s KCSE Results in general were,a mean grade of C plain. However he got a strong E in Mathematics. Eric revealed that CRE was his best subject, and he got an A plain.

“Bro Nakuambia maths nilipata E, strong, sikuwa nashika kitu , ilikuwa complex sana” Eric Omondi said.

University Eric Omondi went to and why he hasn’t graduated upto date.

Eric Omondi’s KCSE Results plus talent helped him to join Daystar University. But till today he has never graduated. He decided to focus on his career. We can all tell that he has achieved alot. He said that he will soon open an arts school at Roysambu area and it will be the game changer for many.

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Eric Omondi is among the most successful comedians in this nation and the only thing he needs to do is to mentor the young upcoming comedians. He is capable of doing that because he has money and knowledge to guide them. He is currently 40 years.

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