Eric Omondi: Willy Paul ‘ Anakula’ Wasichana Wa University Sana .

Eric Omondi Exposes Willy Paul

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan comedian and self proclaimed president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi has decided to expose the dirty side of Willy Paul. Eric did this while explaining to Kenyans why the gospel music industry has collapsed.

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Speaking via a video on his Instagram page, that has really gone viral, Eric Omondi has blamed Willy Paul and other former gospel musicians for making the Kenyan gospel music collapse completely.

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Eric said that Willy Paul’s immoral behaviour was the one that made people to stop supporting gospel.  Eric Omondi alleged that Willy Paul was a hypocrite in gospel and he used to sing for God but behind the scenes he was fornicating.

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The comedian said that, he has met Willy Paul several times driving his Mercedes Benz in ghettos such as Umoja, searching for young university student to have sex with.

He said that Willy Paul was the most immoral gospel artist and he really caused damage to the Kenyan gospel music. Apart from that , the musician has also been linked to several sex scandals and majority of them are with university students.

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Omondi also went ahead and exposed Dk Kwenye  Beat for spreading STD’s such as Gonorrhea , despite being a gospel artist. He said that the genre is full of pretenders , that is why people no longer support them.

He urged the likes of Guardian Angel and Mercy Masika to pull up their socks and bring back the industry.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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