‘Siko Soko’ Azziad Nasenya Opens Up On Dating A Cute Man

Azziad Nasenya Opens Up On Dating A Cute Man

One of the most famous Kenyan tiktoker and content creator and also a radio presenter at Sound city, Azziad Nasenya has finally decided to open up on her dating life.

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For quite along time, Azziad has been keeping her relationship life private. She has never talked about having a boyfriend or even revealed the face of the person is dating.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve. Azziad decided to make things clear, the tiktoker revealed that she is dating a very cute man. She said that the two have been dating for two years now. They have been together since 2020.

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The content creator said that her boyfriend is very supportive and he is among the people who have been encouraging her. They have been through alot together, especially cyber bullying. Azziad said that , they are now used to all the fake scandals that go viral online.

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Azziad however didn’t reveal the name of the cute man she is dating. Romours from some of the reliable sources, have revealed that Azziad is dating one of the most famous tiktoker in Kenya known as Morgan.

The two have been spotted hanging out together several times. They are very close and even Azziad usually use his hashtag on all her videos.This clearly shows that they are more than friends.

Nasenya also decided to speak about the trending nude video, that has made her trend number one on twitter. She said that the girl in the video is not her, she is her lookalike.

Azziad showed off all her tattoos, and clearly she has more tattoos than the lady. Azziad warned the bullies against using her name to trend, she said that if she find the person who is spreading fake news, she will just take a legal action against him or her.
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