Eric Omondi : Bangi Imefanya Kamene Goro Achanganyikiwe na Maisha.

Eric Omondi Claims that Kamene Goro is a bhang smoker.

One of the most famous and controversial comedian in Kenya, Eric Omondi has decided to fireback at Kamene Goro. Eric and Kamene have been having a verbal war online, and it is because of Eric’s social media trolls about, Kenyan artists and music industry.

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Kamene Goro was the one who started the beef , by telling Eric Omondi to just shut up. Because, there is nothing he is doing, to help the Kenyan music industry. She really destroyed Eric and told him to use brain and come up with ideas that can support the musician and avoid trolling them.

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Eric  didn’t take this lightly and decided to fireback at Kamene Goro. Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya, Eric said that , Kamene Goro is a bhang smoker , and bhang has affected her thinking capacity.

He said that Kamene is in Kenya but she is not aware that he is fostering the passing of , play 70% kenyan songs bill in parliament. Eric said that Kamene should stop smoking bhang and do research before making random statements.

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He also said that Kamene is using him for clout, because she knows very well that if she mentions Eric Omondi name in anything, it will go viral.

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