From fame to farm: The Downfall of Magix Enga Explained ‘ Drugs , Madharau na Madeni’

The Downfall of Magix Enga Explained

Clemoh Pr has openly come out to explain the downfall, of one of the most celebrated music producer in Kenya Magix Enga. The period between 2018 to 2020, when the gengetone wave was taking over the country, Magix Enga was the dopest music producer in Kenya.

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He used to do an amazing production, and majority of the songs, he produced used to go viral. He even gained global recognition and everyone knew that Magix will be a global superstar in the coming years.

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However things started going left all over sudden. The gengetone wave collapsed and it was no longer Kenyans favourite. Magix Enga started flopping and things were not going well on his side.

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According to Clemoh, Magix Enga didn’t use his fame to uplift others, he had alot of pride, and he used to disrespect the upcoming artists. Some used to work hard and raise a production fee of maybe ksh.40,000 , but Magix Enga will still fail them.

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A good number of upcoming artists complained of Magix Enga taking their money and not showing up for the production session, some even alleged that he has ever conned them.

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According to Clemoh, Magix Enga was also a drugs addict, and most of his money he used to spend on drugs and women also. He didn’t invest wisely, he thought that he will be a superstar forever.

Clemoh said that it is a punishment from God because of how he used to treat upcoming artists , also debts really drained him during the corona period and lastly drugs made him fall completely.

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Currently Magix Enga is still struggling to make a comeback, photos of him in a desparate condition have gone viral online several times.

He even alleged that he was a member of illuminati. The story went viral and instead of building his brand , it destroyed everything and people started seeing him in a different perspective.

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Magix Enga really needs help from Kenyans and loyal fans. He is a very talented producer and him being on his knees is just a waste of creativity and talent. He already accepted his mistakes and asked for forgiveness from everyone he wronged.

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