” Yesu Wa Tongaren Alikunywa Chang’aa 5 Litres Akasahau Jina Yake” His Daughter Deborah Reveals.

Yesu wa Tongaren badly exposed by his daughter

The story of Yesu wa Tongaren, the self proclaimed Jesus from Bungoma went viral online and alot of information about him is now available online. His real name is Eliud Wekesa and he is a married man.

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His first born daughter identified as Deborah wekesa has come out openly to expose the whole truth , and why her, his brother and her mother are no longer living with their dad Yesu Wa Tongaren.

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Deborah said that she is the first born daughter of Yesu wa Tongaren, she said that before their dad changed , he used to be a heavy drinker. He always used to squander money on local illicit brew, known as ‘ Chang’aa’.

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She said that he was a violent man and whenever he was drunk he used to beat their mother Teresia, who is his first wife. They weren’t living in peace because of his behaviours and bad traits.

Yesu wa Tongaren badly exposed by his daughter
Yesu wa Tongaren badly exposed by his daughter Deborah Wekesa

So one day Yesu wa Tongaren sold their family bull, and he went to buy illicit brew with the money. He drunk 5 litres of ‘chang’aa ‘ alone and the next day he woke up confused and he had forgotten everything and chased them away.

” Baba aliuza fahali  wetu, aliuza kama ksh.80,000, akaenda kwa ulevi kama kawaida, alinunua chang’aa 5litres akakunywa pekee yake. The next day aliamka kama amesahau kila kitu na kila mtu. Alikuwa hajielewi na akatufukuza” Deborah emotionally narrated.

After being chased away by Yesu wa Tongaren, Their uncle who lives in Nairobi came for their rescue. Her , his brother Erastus and their mother started struggling in Nairobi.

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Life hasn’t been easy, but by good luck they got employement at City Mortuary. Deborah is a chef at the morgue, while Erastus is a watchman. She said that she misses father’s love, but she doesn’t like what his father is doing now.

Deborah said that Yesu Wa Tongaren is not the real jesus, he is just misleading people, his habit of drinking alcohol made him forget everything about himself. He urged the residents of Bungoma and all his followers to stop being brainwashed by him and serve the living God not human being.

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