Dj Slahver: Nimebreak na Nicah Juu Ya Kusota, I Was Conned na Nimekuwa Nikibattle na Depression.

Famous Dj, Dj Slahver has finally come out openly to reveal to the public, the reason why him  and his lover Nichah The Queen decided to part well.

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Speaking in an interview with Ankaliray, Slahver decided to be like a gentleman and he openly revealed that they mutually decided to part ways. According to him, breaking up was the only option that was available, and there is no way they could have evaded it.

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He said that things started back in 2022, when he was planning for the coming of Chris Brown, he partnered with some people who conned him. The event failed and all the refunds were left on him.He was left broke, and he has been really trying to bounce back but things aren’t still okay.

He said that he didn’t open up , because it was a police case, that involved Interpol police, till today he is still paying defaulted debts. Slahver said that Nicah has been patient for a while and he can’t blame her for that decision.

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They decided to part ways, so that Slahver can work on himself and atleast bounce back. He said that he is not sure if they will reunite, but now he is working on himself, and it is true that him and Nicah are no longer together.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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