Dj Fatxo Opens Up on Being Bought A ksh.3.9 Million Mercedes Benz by Sabina Chege.

Dj Fatxo reveals how he acquired his Mercedes Benz.

One of the the most famous Mugithi Super Star Dj Fatxo , has decided to open up about his new Mercedes Benz. The musician has openly decided to reveal to his fans on how he acquired the sleek car , that has the KDJ number plate.

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How DJ Fatxo Acquired His Mercedes Benz.

For quite along time ,there have been romours that have been going on that Sabina Chege was the one who bought for him. Speaking in an interview with 2mbili, the artist said that the car he acquired it for himself.

Dj Fatxo
Dj Fatxo with his new Mercedes Benz worth ksh.3.9Million

He revealed that the Mercedes Benz is worth ksh.3.9 Million. All the money is from his savings and money he makes through music. He said it was a very special gift for himself because of his hardwork.

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His Relationship with Sabina Chege.

The famous Mugithi Super Star said that there is nothing going on between him and Sabina. Fatxo said that he respects Sabina as a leader and a politician. He said they are just friends and they talk about business alone.

Dj Fatxo said his manager Mutema is related to Sabina Chege .So people should just stop making their own stories. They are friends and nothing is going on between him and Sabina Chege.

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