” Utaua Huyu Kijana na Mechi Buana” Reactions After Diana Shared A Bedroom Photo of Tired Bahati.

The love between Diana Marua and her husband Bahati has been the talk of the town for several years. The main reason why the couple is still relevant is because of the weight photos and controversial videos the two usually share online.

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Just days after Diana Marua revealed to the public that her and  Bahati usually get intimate when she is on her period, the youtuber has again shared another controversial photo on her official Instagram page.

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Diana shared a photo of tired and sleepy Bahati holding her foot. The photo was taken in their bedroom. Her captions were clearly suggesting that this was after the two had have a very steamy intimate moment, and Bahati seemed to be worn out completely.

Here is the photo that Diana Marua shared.

Diana and Bahati
( Courtesy of Diana Marua).

The photo has attracted alot of comments on Instagram, and majority of Kenyans have called out Diana Marua for giving Bahati excess love.

Here is the screenshot of some of the comment.

Diana and Bahati
Reactions to bedroom photo of tired Bahati

The couple are used to sharing such photos on their social media pages, they have played a huge part in helping them to grow their brand and also gain huge number of followers.

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