Dem wa Facebook: Nikipata Pesa, I Will Look Like Amberay.

Dem wa Facebook is indeed one of the funniest upcoming comedian in Kenya, her eloquence and boldness in expressing herself is just on another level, she is indeed a talented soul and very soon she will be a very huge brand in kenya.

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The hilarious comedian, secured a chance to be interviewed on Milele fm , and a usual the interview was full of laughter. She narrated her struggle to fame , and how she had to travel all the way from Bungoma to Kakamega for Churchill show auditions.

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When she was given a chance to be on the stage for the first time, she nailed the show, and that is how her journey to fame begun. She has been making baby steps on her way up, and she has already started securing brand deals .

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However she said that to be famous in Kenya is not for the faint hearted, because you become famous, then money follows you back. I mean you are famous and broke.

Dem wa Facebook: Nikipata Pesa, I Will Look Like Amberay.
Dem wa Facebook: Nikipata Pesa, I Will Look Like Amberay.

She said that people who always criticize her or mock her because of her appearance will be shocked when she gets money. She will transform her looks and she will resemble Amberay.

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Through a light joke, Dem wa Facebook said that through her research, she has learned that everyone who was dark and got money they transform and become lightskin, that is the transition that will happen to her. Meanwhile she is still pushing her brand, with hopes of making it in the entertainment industry, she is already a brand now it is growth.

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