“Alikuwa Malaya” Wema Sepetu Reveals Why She Dumped Diamond Platnumz.

Wema Sepetu reveals why she dumped Diamond Platnumz.

The former ex girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz, Wema Sepetu , who is a very celebrated actress in Tanzania , has come out openly, to reveal to the public, the reason why she dumped Diamond Platnumz.

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The two were a power couple between 2012 and 2014. Wema Sepetu played a very great role in making Diamond Platnumz famous, because at the time she was dating Diamond, she had already won Miss Tanzania award, and her name was all over Tanzania.

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The two had a bright future together , but this was cut short after Wema Sepetu realised that Diamond Platnumz was cheating on her. Speaking in an interview on Manara TV, Wema Sepetu revealed that she didn’t cheat on Diamond, she was very faithful.

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She said that she realised that Diamond Platnumz was cheating on him, and this happened several times with several people, and because of her peace of mind, she decided to dump Diamond Platnumz.

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Diamond Platnumz even tried to apologize to her by gifting her a car infront of a crowd, but she refused the gift, and left Diamond Platnumz for good with a promise that she will never tolerate a cheating man.

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That is how her relationship with Diamond ended, and this changed the perception of Diamond towards women. He has tried to fall in love several times, but all have ended in premium tears, and most of the reasons why his relationships don’t last longer is because of infidelity issues.

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For Wema Sepetu , she is happily dating Whozu, and the only challenge she is currently facing is getting a baby. She publicly revealed that she is desperately looking for a baby, and she is optimistic that God will one day come through for her.
Here is the video link.

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