” Dawa ya Balloon ni Sindano” Justina Syokau Opens up on Dating Ringtone Apoko.

Justina Syokau opens up on dating Ringtone Apoko.

In the year 2020 , Kamba gospel singer Justina Syokau went viral, after she publicly admitted that she is crushing on Ringtone Apoko. However she was disappointed after Apoko himself denied her live on camera, claiming that he is not her type.

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In 2023, the two had a chance to meet face on face during an interview at K24. Justina Syokau decided to utilize the chance very well, and she threw her shots on Apoko live on camera.

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Syokau said that she always crushes on Ringtone because he is slim and also wealthy. She said that Ringtone has many sleek cars ,and if she dates him, she is sure of a Mercedes Benz.

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The dramatic Kamba gospel singer said that Apoko was the reason why, she went to add her butts, she wanted him to fall in love with her shape. She publicly admitted that she is still crushing on Apoko.

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Ringtone seemed to be shy during the interview, and she tried as much as possible to avoid responding to Syokau’s request. He is currently single , and it is like his priorities have already changed because he rarely talks of marriage stories.

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