Crazy Kennar: I Stay in South Africa Monday to Friday and All Weekends I Fly To Kenya.

One of the most famous and talented Kenyan comedian Crazy Kennar finally decided to open up on his current lifestyle, where he is balancing both staying in Kenya and South Africa.

In 2023 Kennar relocated to South Africa, for further studies, he joined a certain university in the country, and the main reason was to learn more about script writing. Remember Kennar is already a very celebrated content creator in Kenya. He also has a degree from Jomo Kenyatta University.
The sensational content creator revealed that currently he is staying in both Kenya and South Africa, and he is used to this life. He said that he is balancing, hence he doesn’t miss kenya.
Kennar said that Monday to Friday are school days, hence he is always in South Africa to attend physical classes. However all the weekends he usually fly to kenya, to shoot his content and also see his family and friends.
Kennar said that currently the mode of transport he uses most is aeroplane, and he is always in the air. He is enjoying this because he is creating content as he pursue his dreams. The content creator said that his major dream is to win the Oscars award , and he wants to be on the¬† same level with the likes of Lupita Nyong’o.

Here is the link to YouTube.

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