Mungai Eve Opens Up On Her Relationship With MC Gogo.

After they shared their photos together, netizens online have been claiming that Mungai Eve and MC Gogo are dating or having something privately. This was the conclusion made by Kenyans online and Eve has never had a chance to clear the airwave and speak about their relationship.

In an interview with Obinna Tv , Mungai eve decided to come out clear and revealed that her and MC Gogo are in a relationship but not a romantic relationship, it is just a friendship relationship. Meaning that they are just best friends, they are good friends who have a good vibe.
Mungai said that they have never looked at each other as partners and to add on this, MC Gogo is in a very serious romantic relationship with his girlfriend, and she respects that very much.
In addition to this, Mungai Eve said that she can’t date a young person than her, and she only prefers dating an older man, Mc Gogo is 24 Years and Mungai Eve is 24 Years.
Mungai Eve said thatĀ  currently she prefers to put her relationship private and when the appropriate time comes, she will put it in public and reveal the man she is dating. However currently she prefers to keep things private.
Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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