Brian Chira : How Brian Chira Confessed His Love To Andrew Kibe Before Meeting His Death.” Ndevu Zake Hunimaliza, I Love Him”.

Male Tiktoker Brian Chira confesses his love for Andrew Kibe

Famous male tiktoker known as Brian Chira , who has been going viral online due to his voice, has decided to reveal his crush on, the famous Kenyan content creator and critic celebrity Andrew Kibe, who is based in USA.

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This just comes few days after the supreme court ruling, which was basically allowing the members of LGBTQ to form associations, and the non governmental organizations. Something that most kenyans are against.

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Brian Chira has been linked to the LGBTQ Community several times, because of how he behaves , and despite being a man, Chira has been always sounding like a woman and acting just like a lady.

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Through a video that has gone viral online, Brian Chira admitted that Andrew Kibe is really giving him sleepless nights. He said he loves his beards, and when he sees them he just gets turned on. Chira said that he really wants Kibe to be his man, he loves him and he is ready to be with him.

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This is just shocking and unbelievable, Andrew Kibe is expected to respond to this, and being a no nonsense man, he might give this man a very savage response that might make him never to crush on him again.


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With the supreme court ruling, Kenyans should expect alot of this, because the queer community has now the freedom of association, that is the journey of begining their organisation that will come to push for the legalization of gays and lesbianism in the country, just like the way it happened in USA.

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