Butita Must Go: Kenyans Gang Up Against Eddie Butita For Supporting Ruto and Finance Bill

The CEO of Spm Buzz and one of the most famous comedians, script writers and also a very close friend to president William Ruto , especially when it comes to entertainment industry, Eddie Butita, found himself in a hot soup from angry kenyans, who are fighting against the punitive finance bill.

In a video that went viral online, Eddie Butita failed to say that the finance bill should be rejected, instead he just said that it has both good and bad things, hence he doesn’t reject or agree witn it. Meaning he was fearing something, because he was among the celebrities who went with William Ruto to USA to see Tyler Perry Studio.
Kenyans during the demonstration, in a video that has gone viral online, were heard chanting the name of Eddie Butita and saying that he must go, for supporting William Ruto and the finance bill. Even on his online pages they have been insulting the comedian for supporting the president.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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