Arrow Bwoy: I’m More Talented Than Otile Brown and Willy Paul.

Musician Arrow Bwoy who hasn’t released a song for more than 3 months, is back in the game with a very dope EP, it contains of four songs, that are really gaining massive views on YouTube.

Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Arrow Bwoy said that he is the best musician in Kenya, only a few legends can beat him when it comes to live performance, and releasing dope music.
He started by saying that he cannot be compared to the likes of Willy Paul and Otile Brown. He said those are still young in the game and they still have a very long way to go.
Arrow Bwoy said that Willy Paul is a good dancer and he accepts that he can defeat him when it comes to dancing, but to music, he needs to improve so that he can reach his level.
The musician went on and claimed that Otile Brown is very poor when it comes to live performance, he is just a YouTube artist. His songs only do best on YouTube, however when it comes to live performance, Otile has also to improve. So Arrow Bwoy said that people should not compare him with Otile Brown and Willy Paul, he is very talented than the two.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.
( Watch from 23rd minute).

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