Bahati: Were it not for Me , Diana Angekuwa Bado Analewa Mpaka Anafungiwa Kwa Clubs.

Kenyan singer and content creator, Kevin Bahati has for the first time decided to open up how he saved Diana Marua from being a 24 hours drunkard.

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Speaking during their sit-down couple session, live on YouTube. Bahati claimed publicly that he is the one who changed Diana Marua’s lifestyle. Before he made Diana Marua his girlfriend, she used to be a clubbing girl, and she was a drunkard.

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Diana’s past is known , she revealed in a past video that she used to do alot of clubbing, date several men for money so that she can sustain her expensive lifestyle in Nairobi. She was a bad girl and that is how she was enjoying her life.

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When Bahati came to her life, he really helped her to change, and she stopped clubbing. Since that time Bahati was a very respectable gospel musician, Diana had to automatically change her behaviour, so that she won’t turnish her husband’s name.

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Bahati was therefore the reason why Diana stopped clubbing and hanging out with old men . The musician said that if it wasn’t him, then Diana could have still been clubbing 24 hours a day and getting tipsy as she used to. So in other words Bahati saved her and brought her to the limelight , changed her lifestyle and now they are a blessed family with cute children.

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