Herman Manyora: Why William Ruto Will Vacate State House Before 2027.

Senior political analyst, Herman Manyora has publicly revealed the reasons why president William Ruto might vacate the State House Before 2027.

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Speaking via his official YouTube channel. Herman Manyora said that the country is broke, the government seems not to care about the brokeness of the nation, and this is a clear indication of a looming crisis.

Manyora said that there is no way a broke country will have a functional government. This won’t make sense even to kenyans themselves. Currently the government it is at a stage where it is paying its employees in installments, soon you will start seeing retrenchments and later forcing people to go for early retirements.

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Herman Manyora also highlighted on the economy and said that, William Ruto’s government is just watching Kenya getting into economic crisis. According to him the government should do something to reduce the prices of essential commodities such as Petrol and maize flour.

If something isn’t done on the prices of essential commodities, then in few months the prices will double. Kenyans will feel the pain, and they won’t be able even to afford a packet of maize flour.
Things will get from bad to worse, Ruto won’t be able to control the government again. It is Kenyans themselves who will vacate him from the State House. He will even feel guilt of himself because the reality will be hitting him hard.

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Herman said, that the earlier Ruto and his government starts addressing this issues the better. If they ignore then the worst is on the way. He also urged them to take the bypartisan talks serious, because they will also play an important role in stabilization of the economy.

However if they allow Raila to go back to the streets, then Kenyans should expect the worst . Because there will be no peace in the country, and political instability directly affects the economy and that is how we will just continue living by luck, with no hopes of things getting better.

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