Andrew Kibe’s Younger Sister Exposes Him of Forcefully Sleeping With Their Sister Who Died.

Andrew Kibe’s younger sister Susan Kamau caused stir online, after she decided to make very serious allegations about Andrew Kibe and his Immoral behaviour.

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Susan did an exclusive interview with Bob Shakwila on his official YouTube Channel. She said that she is the last born of the family . She said that in their family Kibe is the only one who has gone viral online and also linked to several Immoral cases.

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She was emotional while narrating the cause of death of their sister, who passed on several years ago. Susan said that her sister had complained to her several times that Kibe had attempted to rape her. She even informed their parents but no action was taken.

Andrew Kibe's younger sister Susan Kamau during an interview with Bob Shakwila
Andrew Kibe’s younger sister Susan Kamau during an interview with Bob Shakwila

After a while the sister died, and Susan believe it is because of Andrew Kibe. She claimed that Kibe might have done something wrong to her, and the cause of her sudden death might have been trauma and depression.

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The other thing, is that during the burial of the sister, Kibe showed up but didn’t even cry. He was unbothered , and he seemed not to care. That raised many questions among the family members. For Susan she knew very well that Kibe was guilty for the death of their sister. According to her she is sure that the content creator raped her .

In one of his podcast, Andrew Kibe said that he didn’t cry when his sister died, because they were not in good terms, and he didn’t want to fake his tears, because he wasn’t feeling her death. But for the case of Susan,she alleges that Andrew Kibe was the cause of her death .

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