” I have Married 3 Wives and I Live With Them in The Same House”


Polygamy is legal in african culture , and this is something Yowanakintu from DRC has implemented. Yowana is happily married to 3 wives and they are living together in one house. Their relationship is doing well and it is free from scandals.

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His first wife has 7 children, all are boys, the second wife had six children and the third wife has 4 children, in total they are a family of 20 people.

Speaking in in an interview with Afrimax English, Yowanakintu said that it wasn’t his will to marry 3 wives, situations forced him to do so. He said his plan was to have only one wife, however one day after an altercation with his wife, she left and went back to her parents and stayed long.

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Yowana couldn’t manage to do some of the basic duties on his own. This forced him to look for a second wife. After marrying the 2nd wife, his first wife returned, and they solved their issues amicably and she accepted her co-wife.

As Yowana was settling happily with his two wives, an altercation also emerged, the two wives left him and went back to their parents. They stayed long, and just like the previous scenario, Yowana moved on and married the third wife.

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After settling with the 3rd wife, the other two wives returned. They all came into agreement with each other and accepted to share Yowana, and that is how he ended up marrying 3 wives.

They all stay in one house, which has 2 bedrooms. The first bedroom is for the 1st wife and the 2nd one is for the other two wives and children. All the women are happy and Yowana satisfies them well.

Yowanakintu with his three wives
Yowanakintu with his three wives

They said being three has reduced workload and it has been very beneficial to each one of them.

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