Amina Abdi Admiring Otile Browns Chest During Live Interview (Video).

Amina Abdi Caught Focusing on Otile Browns chest during Interview.

TV Queen and beautiful NTV Presenter Amina Abdi found herself in hot soup. Thisafter Otile Brown caught her focusing on his chest during a live interview.

Otile Brown turned up at NTV for an interview at the Trend show that is normally hosted by Amina Abdi Rabar. As usual Otile was very smart and his outfit was just attractive. He had an all white attire which is his favourite at most times and he had left just some part of his chest outside and his tattoos on a brown could be seen from far.
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How Amina Abdi was Caught Focusing on Otile Browns chest.

Amina Abdi
Amina Abdi and Otile Brown during an interview at NTV /Photo Courtesy.

When the interview started, Amina was very excited because she is also a very big fan of Otile. They share one thing in common which is rocking in expensive outfits. Actually Otile Brown and Amina are among the most fashionable celebrities in Kenya.

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However it seems like Amina Abdi was somehow obsessed with Otile Brown’s chest. During the interview she kept on looking at it.

So when she questioned Otile Brown about his chest tattoos, Otile had earlier noticed that Amina Abdi was focusing on his chest secretly. Otile Brown decided to ask her a simple question. “Why are you so much focused on my chest” Otile Brown.

Videos of Amina Focusing on Otile Browns Chest.

Amina Abdi  was speechless because it was true that she was looking at Otile Brown’s chest. Otile Brown is very handsome and one of the things that have been making Kenyan women to wet their pants when they see him is his chest tattoos. Ladies love his tattoos very much.

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Amina Abdi was guilty but we all know that she  is in a stable relationship. Amina is married to a famous tycoon who is the owner of Homeboyz radio. They are married and they even have a kid together.

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